How Tax Reform Leads To Recession

With the removal of state and local tax deductions, especially property and mortgage interest deductions, it is highly likely that Tax Reform's final destination is not sustained growth but instead recession. Read more
John Cornyn

John Cornyn, the GOPe, and ObamaCare – The Real Story

The GOP Establishment (GOPe) created Donald Trump. It does not take a genius or a political expert to understand the phenomenon of the Donald, although many would like you to think it does. Donald Trump is the visceral reaction of an electorate...Read more

The Tyranny of DC

Shortly after the War of Independence, our founders looked for the source of the problem that allowed tyranny to fester and thrive, a tyranny so abusive the only way to abolish it was to remove it by force. Wisely, they recognized the sovereignty of Britain lay in the hands of a few, concentrated in the Parliament and King.Read more

Faithless Electors – Stuck on Stupid

Faithless elector Christopher Suprun of Texas writes in a NY Times op-ed how he feels compelled to not vote for Trump and how honorable it is to do so. Time for a little schooling to show Mr. Suprun how dishonorable he is being and how his actions cannot lead to anyone buy Trump being elected, while his actions will be utilized by the opposing party. A party whose respect for the Constitution is immeasurably small. So who benefits? Democrats. The "stuck on stupid" Mr. Suprun needs a little lesson in how faithless electors are dealt with and the myth of faithless electors capability of stopping Trump finally put to rest. Read more

No More GOP Duplicity – Kill The Filibuster

In 2013 Harry Reid killed the filibuster for lower court nominees and is on the record stating that if Hillary won and the Democrats held the Senate he would do the same for both Supreme Court nominees and legislation. To balance the scales, Senator McConnell must kill the filibuster of Supreme Court nominees. The rhetoric is there, but the results rest upon a number of squishy GOP holdouts. Make no mistake, McConnell and the rest of the GOP in the Senate can pressure these holdouts to support this motion. No more excuses. Excuses lead to a revolt by the people against the establishment and the election of Donald J. Trump. Read more
jill stein

Obama Appointee Issues Recount Ruling That Will Cost Michigan Taxpayers Millions

Obama appointed United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan Judge Mark Goldsmith ruled that a recount in Michigan is to begin immediately, a task that will cost Michigan taxpayers...Read more